Michael McIlroy, Attaboy

What was the ambition when turning Milk & Honey in to Attaboy?

Our ambition from the start was pretty simple, keep all the details that made Milk and Honey world class, amazing service, spectacular drinks etc, but in a more relaxed, open environment, free from the restraints of ‘ rules and reservations ‘.

Can you describe the feeling of the first day of service at Attaboy? 
The first day of service was very special for both of us… we realized that Attaboy was finally ready so we just decided to open, no fanfare, no hype, no PR, just a Facebook message. We haven’t looked back since.

You now carry on the legacy and wisdom of your mentor and friend Sasha Petraske. Can you describe what Sasha has meant to the bar industry and yourself?

I can only really talk about what he meant to me. He was my boss, mentor, inspiration and most importantly best friend and I wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for him. I’m thankful for all the moments we had together. I miss him everyday and we all try to make him proud during every minute of service at at Attaboy .

Best cocktail related memory of this year?

Best memory this year was taking ownership of keys for attaboy Nashville, our newest venture, opening early 2017. Also getting a copy of ‘a spot at the bar’. The best cocktail book this year by Michael madrusan, a former bartender of milk and Honey and owner of the everleigh in Melbourne.

What takes a bar from good to great?

Simple, the staff! And the belief you can do something special!

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New York
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United States