Nobis Hotel

Robert Radovic

Er drinklista har blivit nominerad. Varför?

We have touched on all aspects of what we feel our guests will want, from very public cocktails to very serious spirituous cocktails. Showcasing other legendary hotel bar and gentlemen club classics because they are classic for a reason. And to not take ourselves too serious either, we are on stage behind the bar, and we want to perform for our guests and their taste buds.


Hur skiljer sig denna lista mot äldre menyer du gjort?

Times change, trends influence, what has worked, may need to see what today’s guests want more of, I suppose. Newer flavours, new angles maybe? It is up to us to see the trend or path our public will be demanding from us ahead of time.


Vilka teman har ni jobbat med?

Diverse, we are a bar with many types of people, with many different palates, so we try and be as international as possible, without being too nerdy.


Vilka har varit med och skapat listan?

Liquid Management, Nick Sitbon, Erik Andersson, Mattias Skoog, Andreas Eriksson, Robert Radovic, Cornelis von Werther and Adam Näslund.


Vilken är din favoritdrink på listan och varför?

‘Blue Steel’. It began as a cocktail, sort of like a cobbler, we thought we would loose it, but we gave it a chance, and brought it back to life.


Hur har ni tänkt designmässigt?

It is still an ongoing process as we have only been open about one year now. But we want it to feel genuine, easy reading, not just a bunch of ingredients guests will take forever to figure out how it will taste. We want an intellectual response from every cocktail toward our guests.


Hur stor del egna drinkar utgör listan?

One third, as we still need to win over new guests with familiar cocktails to build their trust in us.


Vilken är publikfavoriten?

Strawberry and Basil Smash!

Nobis Hotel

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