The Dead Rabbit


Sean Muldoon, Dead Rabbit, NYC

Congratulations for being nominated! Some pretty amazing bars you are competing against here. Your thoughts on the competition in this category?

They are all very good bars, although am not too sure about Artesian at this particular moment in time, due to the mass staff exodus that occurred recently? Dutch Kills in an unsung hero – I love that bar; Attaboy is highly respected amongst bartenders and the drinks there are very good; Happiness Forgets has a great fun vibe and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

What’s your experience of the Swedish bar scene?

I’ve now been here in Stockholm 3 times and every time I come I’m amazed by the quality of both food and drink on offer in bars. There is an all round camaraderie amongst the bartenders here that I haven’t seen in too many other cities. They are extremely enthusiastic, well traveled and are very welcoming.

What classic drink would you like to have created?

Negroni. I love that drink. It’s my go-to drink by far.

What’s been going on at your bar the last year?

We launched our book – the Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual; we launched our pot still Irish Whiskey Academy in conjunction with Midleton Irish Whiskey; we completely renovated our 3rd floor occasional room; we launched our new menu which was voted Worlds Best Cocktail Menu at the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards.

Last years winner of this award (Artesian) blessed us with, not only an amazing “thank you video” featuring Alex Kratena, Simone Caporale and Roman Foltán? How do you plan to top this if you win? 

Don’t know exactly how we plan to top it, but I guarantee we WILL top it! ;)

The Dead Rabbit

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